onsdag 30 maj 2012

Why is media warmongering again?

Media in Sweden tells more lies about Syria an seemingly proclaiming war.

Why is Massmedia/Old Media so tirelessly lying about Syria and President Assad?


If anyone remembers last years debacle about Libya where most of the established media all over the world lied through their teeth about Qaddafi, they lied about death tolls and about who actually wanted Qaddafi gone.

The warmongering media fooled us about Lybia but they can´t fool us again, and its evident in comments of the Major newspapers where pro-Assad comments gets deleted if even published and the user writing those comments gets blocked from writing anymore comments. They have realised that the people isn´t get fooled by their bullshit anymore.

The result is clear, Lybia is now being partly controlled by Al-Qaida, was this the democracy DN and other media outlets was proclaiming a year ago.


So about Syria thank God that this time Russia and China stands in the way of Nato and the warmongering idiots who thinks the "rebels" in Syria are right, the so called "rebels" in Syria are Terrorists and reports from relatives of mine and many friends in Syria says the ones who are doing the actual killing are the so called "rebels".

Mediaoutlets likes to call these people "protesters", well protesters don´t carry guns and blow cars up, if we did that even in peaceful Sweden the Police would shoot us dead and with all right.

So in my huble opinion President Assad is only doing whats within his right to protect the peaceful people of Syria, since most of the so called rebels aren´t even from Syria who should view them as an foreign invader.

From me with love


DN, Aftonhoran osv osv.....

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